Nano Air Catalyst Titanium Oxide Disinfectant With Mosquito Repellent


Nano-air catalyst can effectively decompose various odors and bacteria. Under the decomposition of nano titanium dioxide in the environment, it will produce a catalytic reaction similar to plant photosynthesis & destroy the cell membrane and solidification of bacteria. A nano-catalyst for air cleaning in a smoking room has been developed that can remove 99.9% of formaldehyde which accounts for the largest portion of the gaseous substances present in cigarette smoke.

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Place the atomized disinfectant in the bottle of the automized disinfection machine and turn it on until he aerosol is sprayed.

It is recommended that the spray equipment be placed in a flat location in order to have better disinfectant results.

When use for car disinfection, please turn on the air conditioner to accelerate the decomposition in order to have better results.

A bottle is sprayed around 5-10minutes.

Keep away from children and store in room temperature.

Do not freeze.


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