Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Tablet


✅Has certificate of Bacteria Challenge from ALS Technichem Malaysia Sdn Bhd

✅Kill 99.99% of Bacteria in 60seconds ( Report Attached )

✅Full lab test report from ALS Technichem Malaysia Sdn Bhd

✅Ingredients are more Premium, Food grade

✅USA Technology

✅Suitable for contact with Kids skin

✅Non irritating

✅Suitable for allergy skin

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* Environmentally friendly.
* Highly effective, powerful disinfectant
* Does not contain heavy metals
* Does not remain toxic
* Safe to use in wide area
* Kills 99.9% of virus & bacteria.
* Suitable to be used for disinfection at households, clothes, kitchens, toilets, office areas, restaurants, kindergardens, schools, hotels, factory, hospital and other public areas.
* Economic price
Disinfectant yang kuat & serbaguna.
*Membunuh kuman, bakteria power, hama & kutu.
*Menghapuskan bau busuk dgn cepat.
*Tiada Alcohol
*Tidak mangancam kulit
*Selamat dipakai untuk mencuci sarung bayi, katil kanak-kanak, lantai, meja, dapur, pintu, pagar dan lain lain.

Cara guna (utk kegunaan harian, sembur2)
1. Rendam 1 biji tablet dalam baldi diisi 1 litre air. (setengah biji untuk 500ml air)
2. Basah kan kain dalam disinfectant dan lap permukaan mana mana
3. Boleh isi dalam botol semburan dan spray
4. Boleh rendam kan baju dalam disinfectant ini
5. Boleh pakai dengan mop untuk bersihkan lantai

Products Details :
1. Sanitize & Kills bacteria
2. Disinfect & Eliminate Viruses
3. Sterilize & Prevent Fungicide, Algae-Cyanobacteria, Microbial Corrosion.
4. Non-alcohol, Non-Corrosive, Not harmful to skin.
5. Chlorine dioxide has long been recognized as a very effective biocide and sterilizing agent for both large and small scale industrial and commercial applications.
6. Non-toxic, non-alcohol, suitable for Muslims too.
7. Safe to use on many surfaces – Kitchen, Furniture, swimming pool, pond, spa, gym, factory, shops, school, tuition center, etc.
8. Suitable for tablewares cleaning. Just soak in the Chlorine dioxide solution.
Each bottle contains 100 tablets
Each tablet’s weight is 1 gram
Product Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacturer ( Date on Bottle)

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