• Our products have certificate of Bacteria Challenge from ALS Technichem Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • Kill 99.99% of Bacteria in 60seconds
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Full lab test report from ALS Technichem Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • Ingredients are more Premium, Food grade

What is HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid)

  • HOCl exists in your body. It’s created by white blood cells as a defense system against infection, bacteria and general ickiness.
  • Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is the most effective disinfectant in the chlorine family available in dilute solution.
  • HOCl-solutions that are food-contact safe do not need to be rinsed or wiped after use.

What is ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide)

  • Chlorine dioxide is mainly used as a bleach. As a disinfectant it is effective even at low concentrations, because of its unique qualities.
  • Chlorine dioxide is registered with EPA (Registration No. 74986-1), and is considered an excellent bactericide, fungicide and antimicrobial agent. It has passed the EPA’s stringent DIS/TISS guidelines for use as a disinfectant and as a food-contact surface sanitizer.
  • Chlorine dioxide is one powerhouse sanitizer that is getting more attention recently as food processors look for more efficacious products to help them win the sanitation battle.


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